Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

Equestria Girls

Rainbow Rocks

Friendship Games (Sci-Twi)

Legend of Everfree (Sci-Twi)

Dance Magic (Sci-Twi)

Movie Magic (Sci-Twi)

Mirror Magic (Sci-Twi)

A Photo Booth Story

Mad Twience (Sci-Twi)

Monday Blues (Sci-Twi)

Pet Project (Sci-Twi)

Subs Rock (Sci-Twi)

Epic Fails (Sci-Twi)

Get the Show on the Road (Sci-Twi)

Leaping Off The Pages (Sci-Twi)

Good Vibes (Sci-Twi)

School of Rock (Sci-Twi)

A Fine Line (Sci-Twi)

Queen of Clubs (Sci-Twi)

Overpowered (Sci-Twi)

The Finals Countdown (Sci-Twi)

Star Crossed (Sci-Twi)

Super Squad Goals (Sci-Twi)

My Little Shop of Horrors (Sci-Twi)

All The Worlds Off Staged (Sci-Twi)

Best Trends Forever (Sci-Twi)

Fluttershy's Butterflies (Sci-Twi)

Happily Ever After Party (Sci-Twi)

Me My Selfie And I Part 2 (Sci-Twi)

Opening Night (Sci-Twi)

Road Trippin' (Sci-Twi)

Stressed in Show (Sci-Twi)

Text Support (Sci-Twi)

Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship (Sci-Twi)

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Vectors & Fan Art (Both)

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