Star Butterfly is the main character of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a teenage princess from a kingdom called Mewni from another dimension. When she turned 14 she was given the family wand from her mother but after an altercation with a couple of evil monsters she was sent to earth but fear that if she messed up her parents will send her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.

Star Comes To Earth

Party With A Pony


School Spirit

Cheer Up Star

Quest Buy

Diaz Family Vacation

Brittney's Party

Lobster Claws

Blood Moon Ball

St. Olga's Reform School For Wayward Princesses

Marco Grows A Beard

Storm The Castle

My New Wand!

Mr. Candle Cares

Red Belt

Star On Wheels


Star Vs Echo Creek

Camping Trip

Game Of Flags

Girls Day Out


Gift To The Card

Into The Wand

Bon Bon The Birthday Clown

Raid The Cave


Just Friends

Face The Music


Return To Mewni

Puddle Defender


Scent Of A Hoodie

Rest In Pudding

Club Snubbed

Lint Catcher

Trial By Squire

Sweet Dreams

Death Peck


Night Life

Deep Dive

Monster Bash

Stump Day

The Bogbeast Of Boggabah

Is Another Mystery

Marco Jr.

Unknown Episodes