Serena is one of the main characters of the Pokémon XY series. She is Ash Ketchum's childhood friend.

Serena began the series wearing simple black sneakers with a pink Pokeball design on the heel. As the series progressed, she gained more confidence and decided to change her look. She swapped out the sneakers for calf-high tight brown boots to help show her newfound inner strength. Serena is almost never seen without thigh-high black stockings covering her legs.

During pokemon showcases, she wears several different shoes, including knee-high green boots and stylish pink flats.

Pokemon XY Arc

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Episode 25: Climbing the Walls

Episode 39: Day Three Blockbusters

Episode 53: A Race For Home!

Episode 59: Under The Pledging Tree!

Episode 60: A Showcase Debut!

Episode 64: Battling With Elegance And A Big Smile!

Episode 71: So You're Having A Bad Day

Episode 80: Performing With Fiery Charm!

Episode 89: A Frolicking Find In The Flowers

Episode 90: Tag Team Battle Inspiration!

Pokemon XYZ Arc

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Episode 2: Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes!

Episode 8: A Dancing Debut!

Episode 16: Master Class Choices

Episode 20: Performing A Pathway To The Future!

Episode 27: All Hail The Ice Battlefield!

Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

Episode 45: The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life!

Episode 47: Till We Compete Again!