Minnie Mouse is one of the most beloved female animal characters from Disney.

She is usually seen in her high heeled pumps in any color, mostly pink or yellow (depending on which media). They sometimes have bows on the toes.

Classic Disney Shorts

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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

In the film, she wears purple high heeled pumps.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

EPISODES (Mickey Mouse Works / House Of Mouse)

In the shorts, her pumps are yellow. Close-ups of her pumps are sometimes shown.

Minnie Visits Daisy

Mickey's Piano Lessons

EPISODES (House Of Mouse)

In the series, she sports purple ankle high heeled boots with cuffs and white stockings.

Clarabelle's Big Secret

Pluto Vs. Figaro

Dennis The Duck

EPISODES (Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse

Minnie's Wizard of Dizz

EPISODES (Mickey And The Roadster Racers)

With her racing suit, she wears dark magenta ankle boots with a black strap at the top of each boot.

Lights, Camera, Help

Super-Charged: Pop Star Helpers

EPISODES (Mickey Mouse 2013)